ExclusivesThinkingIs there still a place for the traditional office?

Content Team 15 hours ago
Giles Fuchs, Co-founder and Chief Executive, Office Space in Town looks at 'Is there still room for the traditional office?'

ExclusivesThinkingPollution: Why internal air quality is critical for business

Sophie Barton 3 days ago
The air we breathe at work can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and productivity. Healthy buildings pioneer Raefer Wallis tells Work in Mind that the conversation is increasingly focusing on liability - By Sophie Barton

StandardsArup and Delos launch new tool to track building design impact on wellness

Content Team 1 week ago
Global engineering consultancy Arup has partnered with global wellness pioneer Delos to address the growing issue of health and wellness in buildings.

ResearchIndoor air quality study: Cooking can cause pollution three times worse than London roads

Content Team 2 weeks ago
Air quality study by Zehnder UK shows the staggering pollution levels caused by indoor activities.