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NewsResearchNew Indoor Air study confirms ventilation can mitigate risk of airborne pathogens

Content Team 3 days ago
Results show that increased ventilation rates can minimise microorganisms in the air and on surfaces by more than 40%.

ResearchNew international standards proposed for Reducing Exposure to Airborne Respiratory Infectious Diseases

Content Team 5 days ago
A study by Task Force shows that new standards must be set in place to raise the bar for the “bare minimum” that currently exists in indoor air quality.

NewsResearchUS schools using federal aid to create healthier buildings, new USGBC report finds

Content Team 2 weeks ago
Roughly half of 5,004 school districts surveyed are using ARP relief funds to cultivate healthier schools and working environments for staff and students with better air quality.

ResearchHarvard study reveals healthier furnishings lower hazardous PFAS levels

Content Team 3 weeks ago
New research shows that harmful effects of “forever” chemical PFAS can be mitigated by choosing healthier furnishings for buildings.