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Research3.5 million women have considered quitting jobs due to lack of menopause support

Content Team 1 week ago
New research shows the severe impacts of experiencing unsupported menopause or menstrual symptoms at work.

ResearchIndoor Air Quality: UK managers emphasise importance, but don’t invest

Content Team 2 weeks ago
UK managers express concern about workplace air quality, but a notable gap exists as only a fraction prioritise it as a business concern, highlighting a disconnection between awareness and practical measures in addressing indoor air quality.

ResearchPresenteeism re-evaluated: Whitepaper takes fresh look at actual costs of presenteeism

Content Team 4 weeks ago
“Seeing Presenteeism Differently: Revealing the Good, the Bad and the Misunderstood”, challenges conventional wisdom and ushers in a fresh perspective on workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.

ResearchConstructing Health with Tye Farrow: New publication to bridge knowledge gap between medical world and design community

Content Team 1 month ago
Researching the intersection between neuroscience and architecture, Tye Farrow’s new publication explores how the design community can integrate cognitive psychology to enhance our experience of the built environment.