TechnologyThinkingDesigning for good indoor air quality is no simple matter – are you up to standard?

Content Team 3 days ago
Ana Cross Associate Product Manager Air Handling Systems (UK) at Elta Group says we need to raise awareness about the reality of building design with outdoor air supply.

ExclusivesThinkingHealthy workspaces: Why we must demand transparency

Sophie Barton 5 days ago
How often do you question what goes into the furnishings and buildings around you? We all want reassurance that they cause no harm to human or planetary health, but that means asking the right questions and demanding clear answers… By Sophie Barton

ExclusivesThinkingHow Indoor Environmental Quality impacts health, wellbeing and productivity at work

Content Team 2 weeks ago
Curtis Gubb, Environmental Consultant at multi-disciplinary engineering firm, Cundall, discusses the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality.

ExclusivesPlacesStandardsShanghai building achieves RESET Core and Shell V2.0 Certification

Content Team 2 weeks ago
Pure Living’s Tom Watson offers a detailed project profile of the Hines One Museum Place project - an exemplar healthy building in Asia.