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ResearchHybrid working boosts employee wellbeing and productivity, survey finds

Content Team 4 weeks ago
New research surveyed 1,026 workers to see how hybrid working impacts their sleep, wellbeing, and productivity levels

NewsResearchHybrid working from home improves retention rates and maintains productivity, study shows

Sophie Crossley 1 month ago
New research from the journal, Nature, proves that hybrid working from home has less of an impact than many managers assumed and decreases employee turnover

ResearchOver half of Brits concerned about how indoor air quality is impacting their health

Content Team 2 months ago
New research points to rising fears among employees around indoor air quality

NewsResearchStudy finds link between home indoor air quality and cognitive function of remote workers

Content Team 3 months ago
Research that followed office workers for one year during the pandemic while they worked from home emphasises the impact of indoor air quality on cognitive function.