ExclusivesThinkingNeil Usher: The bearable lightness of wellbeing

Sophie Barton 2 days ago
Neil Usher, author of The Elemental Workplace and creator of Sky Central, says we all have the power to create a collective sense of wellbeing.

ThinkingPresenteeism & ill health: the cost to British businesses is £61 billion a year

Content Team 4 days ago
Research reveals today that three-quarters of ill-health related productivity loss is due to factors which can be influenced and addressed through health and productivity management strategies.

EventsIreland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day focuses on activities to improve employee health

Content Team 7 days ago
Ireland’s fifth National Workplace Wellbeing Day takes place today - Friday, 12th April 2019.

PlacesIndoor air quality: Priority for Big Green Egg Europe

Content Team 7 days ago
Indoor air quality is key for Big Green Egg at its new offices – all rooms are equipped with technology that measures CO2 levels.