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We’re on a mission

Our mission is to connect people with buildings.

We believe that the environment in which you work, exist and learn should be a space in which health, wellbeing and productivity can co-exist with sustainability and efficiency.

Work in Mind establishes a space for a growing community who share a belief that positive change and better, healthier buildings are possible.

Work in Mind - It's about connecting people & buildings
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Buildings + Technology + People

This is no ordinary content platform.

Work in Mind is not a magazine: it is an independent platform designed to give a voice to a community of thinkers, businesses, journalists and builders and influencers.

We aim to curate, share and write powerful content that catalyses debate and encourages a more unified approach to creating healthier, happier, more productive buildings and workspaces.

Our story

Work in Mind was founded in the summer of 2018 by Joanna Watchman, a communications consultant specialising in the built environment and technology sectors.

Having spent years writing, thinking and talking about the way buildings could (and should) be more in tune with the people that use them, Joanna and her team set about creating an independent online community for all those who share her passion.

Healthier, optimised, comfortable buildings are what we should all aspire to.

Let’s use Work in Mind to make that happen. Together.

Joanna Watchman