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Work in Mind was founded in the summer of 2018 by Joanna Watchman.  It’s important to know that we’re not a magazine. We’re an online platform that gives a voice to a community of people with a shared mission. We have our own content team, however, we actively encourage content and ideas from a wide range of contributors.

Take a read of our FAQs, to help you work out if your content is right for us.


What should I send?

We’re looking for big ideas, new thinking and original contributions. We definitely don’t want salesy, product-focused PRs. Start off by sending a short synopsis of your content idea to content @workinmind.org outlining what you’d like to send us. Don’t forget to explain what your expertise is for writing about it. Give us an idea of the estimated word count, an idea of when you think you’ll have copy ready, and a headline if possible.

Should I send samples of other stuff I've written?

If possible, include in your email one or two links to previously published pieces. It’s useful for us to see what sort of things you’ve written before.

What sort of content are you looking for?

Work in Mind needs timely, well-written contributions that bring a new angle to topics within our scope. We’re looking for thought-leadership pieces, news, events, technical content, research and case studies. We’re not interested in salesy, product pushes or articles that are designed to slate your competition!

What don’t you publish?

We don’t want content…

. . . that isn’t relevant to our readers

. . . that’s a blatant sales / product pitch

. . . that’s overloaded with backlinks (we’ll include one to your website).

When will you get back to me?

If we’re interested in your idea, we’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours (Mon-Friday).

Can I advertise on Work in Mind?

Right now, we’re afraid not. (First, we want to build up our voice, our readership and presence in the market.) However, over time, we plan to launch all sorts of opportunities which will allow you to use the power of our network to amplify your ideas and profile.

Do you pay for contributions?

Sorry – we’re afraid not.

Do you cover events?

Yes and we’d love to help raise awareness of anything that’s relevant to our readers.

Any other advice?

If you’re sending us something that’s already been published elsewhere (even on your own website) please do tell us first.