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Redfin adds air quality scores to climate risk sections on real estate listings
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Indoor air quality is making the jump into the realm of brokerage. US-based realtor, Redfin, has published air quality risk data for homes that are for sale and to let. Via an app, anyone interested in indoor air quality (IAQ) will be able to see more information related to IAQ and property-level risk data on wildlife, flood, and extreme heat and wind.

‘The potential to impact which homes people choose to live in’

Indoor air quality has grabbed headlines in offices and public spaces around the world, particularly in the last few years. But what of the personal spaces we call home? How is it possible to gage what air quality and other climate risks are a threat to our personal wellbeing, and that of the environment around us?

That was the thinking of Redfin when they released new air quality risk data, in partnership with First Street. A 2022 Redfin report found that poor air quality days in the Western US jumped by up to 477% from 2000 to 2021.

“Redfin wants to ensure that every single person searching for a home has the information they need to understand climate risks,” said Redfin Senior Vice President of Product and Design Ariel Dos Santos. “Air pollution is an important consideration as poor air quality becomes more frequent due to climate threats such as wildfire smoke.”

How it works

Data fir US-based homes can be found via the Redfin homepage or its Redfin iOS app. Air quality is the newest addition to the interface and helps users to determine how likely they are to face poor air quality days in their area. With information provided by First Street’s Air Factor, the app can model how air quality may shift in the next thirty years.

So, will this new data platform set the precedent for how homeowners select their place of residence? Shouldn’t we all have access to potential climate risks in our potential backyard and know about the air we’re breathing?

Find out more information on Redfin’s new air quality scoring.

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