NewsResearchMenopause in the workplace: New guidance enforces ‘reasonable adjustment’ from employers

Sophie Crossley2 weeks ago6 min
It’s not just women who should be talking about the menopause, especially in the workplace. Research has shown that one in ten women who have experienced the menopause while working left their jobs due to the symptoms, with two thirds of working women between the ages of 40 and 60 report the menopause having a negative impact on them at work. Now, new guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is setting...

ResearchHalf of workplaces lack design features to accommodate menstruation and menopause discomfort

Sophie Crossley6 months ago8 min
While the built environment itself is inanimate, design should carefully cater to the needs of its living occupiers, including those who experience menstruation and menopause. These topics are not always easy to tackle in conversation or action, but facilitating inclusive design to provide comfort and accessibility to people who menstruate is key. With this in mind, inclusive design company, Motionspot, surveyed 2,000 office workers who experience menstruation or menopause to explore the optimal workplace design...