ThinkingPodcast: Are bad working environments detrimental to our wellbeing?

Work in Mind’s founder Joanna Watchman joins the team at Interaction for Thrivalism, a podcast focused on the art of thriving.
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Available now to listen to on demand is Thrivalism – the brilliantly titled podcast series hosted by Bath-based  strategic workplace design and build experts, Interaction. In this series, you can find out how to create thriving businesses, culture, careers and places. They explore key topics such as: workplace design and build, culture and community, sustainability, and, of course, the future of ‘work’.

In this particular episode – recorded here at Work in Mind’s HQ –  our very own Joanna Watchman & Interaction’s Deborah Wilder – explore many avenues of workplace wellbeing but mainly how our environments shape us – both positively and negatively.

Listen to more content on working environments’ impact upon our wellbeing.

Listen to episode 3 of Thrivalism: Environmental Hazards here:

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