ResearchWorkplace air quality and hygiene more important than pay, US survey reveals

Study highlights attitudes about a potential return to the workplace environment after 60% of North American workers would take a lower paying job in return for a healthier working environment, new research has revealed.
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A survey of 3,000 US and Canadian employees, carried out by Ambius, showed 60% valued better air quality, greater hygiene and more health-conscious colleagues over the amount of money they were paid. Of these, 35% had already had found a new job with better hygiene practices, with a further 25% willing to do so.

The survey provides evidence that awareness of clean and safe workplaces will be at the forefront of employee concerns when they return to work, with 70% saying they would be more likely to ask future employers about their health and hygiene policies and implementation before accepting future jobs.

35% have already taken a pay cut to work in a better, more hygienic environment, with a further 25% willing to do so.

Asked about what they saw as the main features of future workplaces, 62% said clean, pure and healthy air was the most important, with 54% citing efficient air circulation as being essential. Regular disinfecting (52%) and natural lighting (50%) were also key features to employees.

Stale and stuffy working rooms, unpleasant odours, and poor ventilation were all selected as factors that would create a stressful and anxious workplace environment.

55% of respondents felt using plants and greenery as social distancing partitions would improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

In terms of creating a better general working environment, 65% felt the use of plants and greenery in workplaces to mark social distancing partitions would be better than sterile boards with 55% saying this would also improve mental health and wellbeing.

John Myers, President and CEO of Rentokil, parent company of Ambius, explains: “Research shows that when workers return to their workplaces, their expectations and priorities have changed. A clean, hygienic and well-ventilated space with efficient air circulation and strategically-place hygiene stations are central to the idea of a safe workplace and will be expected by employees as they return to work. Physical health is important, but these measures also contribute to the mental health and overall wellbeing of employees.”

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Ambius is the global leader in creating smarter, healthier spaces through hygiene, plants and scenting services. With a layered approach, Ambius helps brands inspire confidence with every interaction and integrates hygiene health and safety into the brand experience.

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