StandardsReturn to work assurance solution gives confidence as businesses try to re-open

Bureau Veritas UK has launched a COVID-19 Return to Work Assurance solution to offer independent assurance of safety and compliance as they re-open business premises.
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A COVID-19 Return to Work Assurance solution offers an ‘independent assurance of safety and compliance as they re-open business premises’, says Bureau Veritas UK.

As many countries now start the process of easing lock-down restrictions, business owners, property managers and employers are looking to the measures that need to be put in place to ensure a safe working and trading environment. Bureau Veritas believes its new pack, which is available to download for free from its website, will help its clients put an end to often conflicting advice.

The packs contains a summary of essential measures to take, as well as details of our Bureau Veritas’s continuous return to work assurance solution – a voluntary, independent assessment of your COVID-19 readiness to re-open business premises.

Described as a ‘unique service’, it covers those measures needed to get back to business and stand out in your market. Crucially, it gives complete, independent return to work assurance to employees, stakeholders and customers – all from a global leader, operating in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Ken Smith, UK Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas UK, said: “By offering independent assurance in this way, we’re helping our clients to give complete peace of mind to their employees, customers and other stakeholders. And this Return to Work Assurance pack is the latest support tool to have been developed, with input from technical experts from across the Bureau Veritas business.

“This pack gives organisations the insight they need to start planning a safe return-to-work, particularly in light of conflicting information which continues to be published.”

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