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Work in Mind takes a look at One Dorset Street, the south coast’s first building to achieve Fitwel certification.
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A newly refurbished building in Southampton is the first in Hampshire to achieve Fitwel certification. One Dorset Street, a 24,564 ft2 development by RO Real Estate, has been designed with its users at heart. With standing desks, access to nature and plenty of daylight, it aims to support the increasing number of occupiers who understand that employee wellbeing is fundamental to commercial success.

The Fitwel approach

Released in the USA in 2017, Fitwel is a building certification designed to support healthier workplace environments, and improve occupant health and productivity. Essentially, it shines a light on the way buildings can be designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Fitwel strategies include enabling access to outdoor spaces, incorporating natural light into the building, creating shared exercise spaces and ensuring any onsite catering offers nutritionally balanced food.

A focus on movement

At Number One Dorset Street, all aspects of the building have been designed to make it easy for occupants to knit healthy choices into their day-to-day lives. Standing desks encourage physical movement at work, while motivational prompts at lift call points remind people how beneficial it is to take the stairs.

Cycling is encouraged with a lockable storage area, kit lockers, dedicated changing block and even a bike repair centre. And for anyone without their own wheels, there’s also a community YoBike rental station on site.

Work in Mind takes a look at Hampshire's first Fitwel office, the south coast’s first building to achieve Fitwel certification 

Digital detox

Agile working is also encouraged via a terminal in the lobby, which suggest suitable walking routes for anyone preferring to have a meeting on the move. Likewise, these routes are ideal for digital detox breaks, giving busy minds a chance to recharge.

Illumination and air quality

The office space is designed to make the most of natural views, while large windows ensure workers benefit from good daylighting, which is so important when it comes to supporting our circadian systems. Fresh air ventilation and filtration also reduces indoor pollution, while helping concentration, and there’s a site-wide smoke-free policy.

Occupants also have access to a planted garden, as well as three large local parks, where they can embrace the beneficial effects of nature. Research has repeatedly shown that exposure to green spaces has a positive effect on our wellbeing, including lowering blood pressure and reducing stress levels.

Work in Mind takes a look at Hampshire's first Fitwel office, the south coast’s first building to achieve Fitwel certification 

Nutrition and hydration

A dedicated concierge service is also available to give information on local leisure facilities, while the lobby terminal directs occupants to places selling healthy food. Tea, coffee and water are all available in the business lounge, a break out space that can also be used for meetings.

Work in Mind takes a look at Hampshire's first Fitwel office, the south coast’s first building to achieve Fitwel certification 

Putting wellbeing first

Nick Moore, Head of Investment at RO Real Estate, believes the development will make it easier for employees to prioritise their health and wellbeing. He says, “We are immensely proud to be creating spaces for modern occupiers. One Dorset Street is an exceptional working environment, encapsulating some fantastic features which demonstrate our commitment to wellbeing and collaborative agile working.”

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