ResearchHybrid working boosts employee wellbeing and productivity, survey finds

New research surveyed 1,026 workers to see how hybrid working impacts their sleep, wellbeing, and productivity levels
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Hybrid working significantly enhances employee happiness, health, and productivity, according to new research conducted among UK staff who divide their working week between home and the office. The study, conducted by the International Workplace Group (IWG) and Mortar Research, surveyed 1,026 hybrid workers and revealed numerous benefits associated with flexible working arrangements.

Three-quarters of respondents reported experiencing less burnout compared to when they worked entirely in the office. The survey highlighted substantial improvements in various aspects of employees’ lives, including better sleep quality, increased exercise, healthier meal preparation, and overall better health.

A significant majority of hybrid workers noted feeling less drained, less stressed, and less anxious due to splitting their time between home and the office. Furthermore, most participants stated that the increase in free time from reduced commuting improved their work-life balance, helping them cope better with daily life challenges.

“Little has done more over the years to depress, stress and irritate workers than the daily commute. It separates families, fractures communities, pollutes the environment and wastes vast amounts of time and money,” said Mark Dixon, IWG’s chief executive.

Hybrid working shows positive correlation to productivity

The benefits of hybrid working extend beyond personal wellbeing. The survey found that about three in four hybrid workers felt more productive and more motivated. Additionally, a large percentage reported improved job satisfaction due to their flexible working arrangements.

The study also revealed that a majority of respondents believed returning to a central office five days a week would negatively affect their wellbeing. Given the overwhelmingly positive impact of hybrid working on mental and physical health, it is clear why many employees are reluctant to abandon this model.

“Offering a mix of remote and in-office work, companies can provide the sought-after work/life balance that enhances employee wellbeing and productivity,” Dixon said.

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