ResearchMillennials value air quality transparency for safe return to offices

New US survey identifies priorities around health, wellness and safety as a driver for economic growth.
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Results of a new survey in the US have revealed the importance millennials place on indoor air quality when considering their return to the office.

According to the data collated through ‘The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Millennials’ Return to Work and Travel’, which was conducted by Carbon Lighthouse, an overwhelming majority of millennials say they will feel safer returning to the office (82%) with access to real-time, transparent information on indoor air quality.

The survey revealed that millennials’ concerns about indoor air quality positions it as a catalyst that will drive employee engagement for the foreseeable future. In fact, real-time indoor air quality information would make 68% of millennials feel safest, even when compared to annual certifications (27%) and one-time health and wellness audits (5%).

82% of millennials surveyed would feel safer returning to offices with real-time IAQ information. Source: Carbon Lighthouse survey The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Millennials’ Return to Work and Travel conducted in May 2021.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates improving IAQ in offices could add as much as $20 billion annually to the U.S. economy as employers seek out healthier buildings for their workspaces.

The survey also looked at indoor air quality in hotels, with the data showing 66% of millennial travellers were concerned about it – 73% said it would be a consideration when booking a stay.

“It will be millennials’ willingness to step inside public buildings that form the bedrock of our economic growth beyond 2021,” commented Raphael Rosen, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse.

“Yet, tried and true strategies for retaining employees, tenants, and guests will not be sufficient in today’s economy. After a year of education on the spread of airborne viruses, anxious millennials are looking more critically than ever before at the air they breathe. Those employers, offices, and hotels that offer IAQ transparency actively prove their continued commitment to health and safety and will earn the trust needed to compete in today’s market.”

Box out statistics

  • 82% of millennials surveyed would feel safer returning to offices with real-time indoor air quality information.
  • 88% of millennials say they would use a mobile app that provides real-time indoor air quality information.


The survey was conducted via Dynata in May 2021. It targeted 1,000 general US.-based consumers over 21 years of age. Due to the overweighted economic influence of the millennial demographic as both employees and consumers, the analysis is focused on the 332 millennials who took the survey.

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