ResearchToo many job roles ‘forgotten’ when we talk about risk of death from COVID-19

British Safety Council repeats its call for Government to enforce COVID-19 workplace safety rules to lower the risk of death.
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Recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show higher COVID-19 deaths amongst health and social care workers, which is saddening. However, what the data also reveals is that there are thousands of ‘forgotten people’ who are unable to work from home – and are also more likely to die. This includes job roles such as machine operators and those working in construction and on production lines, or those employed as drivers and workers in customer-facing roles

The British Safety Council says it is appalled by these figures and is strongly reinforcing its call for a Government health campaign urging employers to improve workplace controls and for enforcement of COVID-19 workplace safety rules, such as ensuring all employers are conducting a risk assessment. People clearly mix in workplaces which increases the potential to catch and transmit the virus.

The British Safety Council’s Mike Robinson believes these statistics are “alarming” and highlight the urgent need for greater Government action. “Employers must follow the rules on making the workplace safe; this will have a greater impact on reducing both the spread of the virus and the number of deaths. While infection rates are coming down in the current national lockdown, they still remain high.”

“More can also be done to protect workers, including more Government support for vulnerable workers as well as for lower paid workers so they can to afford to self-isolate.

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