ResearchOver half of Brits concerned about how indoor air quality is impacting their health

New research points to rising fears among employees around indoor air quality
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Even though spring is here and summer is just around the corner, UK workers are still facing highest-ever concerns ever over indoor air quality. New research has found that 64% of British workers are worried about how their health is affected by indoor air quality, with a further 46% worried about indoor air quality in schools.  

The research also points to monitoring indoor air quality, including 54% of workers saying that they would monitor indoor air quality from their desks if they had the equipment to do so. For respondents from London, that number jumped to 71%. Results from a recent study in the US found that, for those who work from home, cognitive function was worse with poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable thermal conditions.

Indoor air quality fears transition to workplace

Conducted by Khansaheb Industries, manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork, the research also found that almost half (45%) of employees are stressed about becoming sick from airborne illnesses. This fear transitions over to work, with 44% of respondents wanting employers to upgrade ventilation in the office.

Simon Pallant, Country Manager of UK & Ireland, Spiralite/Khansaheb Industries, said: “As companies encourage their employees to return to the office, it’s becoming more and more important that the working environment is comfortable, airy and clean – all of which are vital to a healthy and productive workforce.

Since 2019, indoor air quality has been a term on the rise, and now rests more firmly in many people’s field of vision. Khansaheb survey found that almost 60% of workers are aware that poor IAQ can negatively impact their productivity, with 1 in 10 people experiencing it for themselves.

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