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Young people are more aware and concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ) than other ages, says new data published by healthy buildings tech firm Infogrid.
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According to its latest study into employee perspectives on IAQ, more than four in five US respondents aged 18 to 34 were either fairly or very concerned, while two thirds were concerned in the UK. Infogrid has concluded that fact that this demographic is much more concerned than others suggests that it’s an issue that’s not going away.

The company’s research collected the perspectives of 4,000 hybrid working employees, from the UK and the US. It found that employees are well-informed about the risks of low indoor air quality, concerned about the impact it’s having on their health, and seem keen for their employers to do more.

Workers are “very concerned”

Alongside concerns from younger workers, the data also shows that the majority of employees are concerned that indoor air quality is impacting their health at work. Specifically, in the UK, over half say they’re worried, while in the US that number is closer to three in four. Over a quarter of employees overall reported being very concerned.

Employers should do more

What’s more many respondents told Infogrid they don’t feel employers are doing enough. In both the US and the UK, four in 10 say that employers aren’t doing enough—while as many as 10% say they don’t know if companies are doing anything at all.

The same goes for building managers. The data reveals that around one in five hybrid workers in the US (22%) and the UK (17%) don’t believe facility managers have adequately considered air quality in the design of the workplace.


The research was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Infogrid and Nelson Bostock. Surveys were distributed on 5-12 September 2022, among 2,000 respondents in the US and the UK respectively.
Only those employees who met the following criteria were surveyed in each country: full and part-time employees who work in an office, healthcare environment, education environment or retail environment who work from their workplace at least 1 day a week.

Click to read the Infogrid report in full.

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